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Retail Showroom 1 / Project Scope: Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Branding / Client: Private Company

To create a powerful branded interior for this retail showroom, TDF utilized strong design elements that reflected the brand itself. As one moves further into the showroom, the environment may take on an interior branded character that better represents the specific function of the showroom. Clear and solid wayfinding paths were diffused into the architectural and lighting plans of the design to make the consumer's experience easy and interesting. Each path led to different product zones, which TDF categorized according to showroom and consumer's needs.
TDF shaped the showroom into a smooth and enjoyable retail experience. The use of the brand's colors mixed with a neutral color palette, created an affirming personalized space. A fusion of glass, metal and wood was emphasized through custom made designs, ranging from furniture to patterns. Lighting as well played an important role in the space as it enhances color and texture of the product displayed; the lighting design of the showroom has flexibility built in for maximum usability. Additionally, light and dark patches were employed to achieve a visual focus on the products displayed creating a dramatic effect in the lighting of the space.

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