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TDF Offices / Project Scope: Interior Design, LEED Consultancy / Client: TDF Architects

TDF has remodeled the interiors of a tenant space in an old building in Zamalek and converted it from a residential space to a commercial one housing the main branch for TDF. Restoring the high ceilings and wooden doors and architraves, the office space has a strong sense of preserved architecture. Linearity, being the star of the design theme, is enhanced through the continuous lines of light and materials that run through the interiors in a constructive linear form.
To date 1,873 projects are certified under LEED-CI representing 78,464,155 gross square feet. TDF office space is in the process of achieving its LEED CI Silver (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- Commercial Interiors.) To achieve the certification, TDF employed many concepts of energy savings in the electromechanical design of its HVAC, lighting and selections of equipments and appliances. All materials used abide by the LEED standards from high-recycled content, low VOCs, zero off gassing etc. Water efficiency is highly attained in the project space through the use of low water consumption fixtures and fittings. All to create an environmentally friendly space for the TDF team to utilize in a productive manner.

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